Client Success Story: Patricia's Story

There are a lot of times where we’ll sell a property in an area and once the sign changes from “For Sale” to “Sold”, someone else in the neighborhood will call to get the scoop.

This was the case for Patricia when we sold her neighbor’s home. It turns out that she had come back to the United States from overseas to handle her late husband’s affairs and carry out the administration of his estate. One step in that process was to sell his home here in the United States.

The unique challenge that Patricia had when she arrived here was twofold: First, she knew very little about this country, and consequently knew very few people. Second, she was planning on being here for a very short period of time (60 days to be exact), and wanted to have everything taken care of before she left. That included the sale of the property, which needed a considerable amount of updating and renovation.

We were able to help Patricia with both challenges by getting her connected with attorneys, contractors, clean-out companies and antiques appraisers in our Home Pro Network. We even helped her find a buyer for the car in the garage!

After less than a week on the market, we found a buyer for the house and negotiated an “as is” sale for her. It’s proof that there is a buyer for every home, in this case the person buying wanted to be in this particular neighborhood and was handy enough to do all the renovations needed by themselves.

Whatever your situation is, when it comes time to sell, the best thing you can be equipped with is a solid game plan to help you achieve your goals and meet your timeline. At the Paul Augustine Team, one of the first things we do with all our clients is assess their goals and develop a strategy to help them achieve those goals. Wherever You Want to Go, and whenever you need to get there, we can help!