Success Story: Don W

Don and Helen’s house in North Philadelphia had been a wonderful place for the couple to raise a family, but after retiring and watching their boys grow into young men with lives of their own, they knew they needed a home that was a better size—the right size—for just the two of them.

But the daunting task of all the renovations needed to sell their home kept them from moving to a place that fit their new household size.

Fortunately, The Paul Augustine Team knew just the people to get the job done. After a walk through their home, Paul determined what could be fixed up to get the place market-ready. We were able to put them in contact with a variety of experts from our Home Pro Network to make renovations, and in only 2 months Don and Helen’s home was ready for market!

Throughout the renovation process, we kept Don and Helen up to date with listings and areas to look at and consider as a place to call home—and it’s a good thing we did! The couple had five showings and received two bids within the first day! And just like that the house was sold and Don and Helen were on their way to a new home that was just the right size for them.

Sometimes all it takes to make a move happen are a few simple renovations! At The Paul Augustine Team, we help you figure out the best way to fix up your home to get the ball rolling. Whatever you need to do, and Wherever You Want to Go, we’ve got your back.