A Lasting Partnership: A Success Story from Vince M.

Your home is your biggest asset, so when it comes to investing in it, you want to make sure you’ll get as much out of it as you gave when it comes time to sell. Vince and his family knew they could count on Paul Augustine and the team to make sure they would see return on their investments in their Willow Grove home.

Paul helped Vince and his wife sell his condo so they could move into a home together after getting married. The condo had been stuck on the market for six months without a bite before the Paul Augustine Team entered the picture.

“We had a really good experience with Paul in his interview, and selected him to move forward with the selling of our condo. Within two weeks, we had three competing offers on the property.” Vince said. In the 13 years that they lived in Willow Grove, Vince kept Paul’s information on hand, and called on him whenever he wanted to make upgrades to the home.

“We used [Paul] not just for the transaction of getting the house, but for guidance and counsel when it came to making homeowner-decisions along the way. It helped us because we could set our expectations for these projects very realistically. I could ask him things like, what looks good? What’s going to stand the test of time? And on the otherside, what’s going to be trendy and fall immediately out of style?” Vince explained. “Being able to use his expertise for so many years with our house made it very easy to make the decision to use him again when it came time to sell.”

Paul was able to put Vince in contact with his partners in the Home Pro Network to make market-worthy renovations: “I feel like there is an inherent trust on my part that if it’s someone [a renovation expert] Paul is recommending, that either he has personally used them or knows of people who’ve had a good experiences with them. That means the world when you’re hiring contractors.”

Vince was able to truly see the payout of those upgrades in his family’s most recent move to Warrington, and The Paul Augustine Team was right there to help them along through the process. He worked with Paul to sell their current home and Itzamir Perez Pagan to find their new one.

“From when we listed to ‘offer accepted’ was 4 calendar days.”

Over the next few months, Itzamir helped arrange home viewings, sometimes contacting the seller within an hour of Vince having expressed interest in the home.

“We ended up falling in love with a house above our price range, but Itzamir was able to do some bargaining, and we ultimately ended up in a house we loved for a price we could afford. Itzamir played a large role in making that happen,” Vince explained.

From making your first selling experience a breeze to to finding your family a place to plant your roots and all the wonderful twists and turns in between, The Paul Augustine team is here for you every step of the way.